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Supporting children and young people to remain engaged at school, learn new skills and provide personal development opportunities. 

Shack Tutoring

Many high school students experience challenges or difficulties with school work, managing assignments or studying for exams and cannot afford or access expensive private tuition. The Shack tutoring program allows students to get one-to-one assistance with their educational needs by providing tutors free of charge. 

In partnership with Arc, the University of New South Wales student organisation, Shack tutoring matches local students with a volunteer tutor who will support and guide students during weekly sessions throughout the year. This valuable program caters to students educational needs and also provides a positive mentor and role model who is close in age and can talk about their positive experiences in tertiary education. 

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Shack Tutoring is a cost-free service. Register your interest through our online form or call 02 9305 4600.

The Shack would like to acknowledge Arc, whose partnership makes this program possible. Arc’s aims include providing professional and social development opportunities for their students.

They also provide the community with volunteers for a range of tasks and all inquiries about volunteers should be made to volunteers@arc.unsw.ed.au or by calling 02 9385 9840.

We would also like to thank Botany Bay Council for their contribution to this program. 

School Groups

The Shack provides in-school group learning opportunities for young people requiring support in their personal development or those displaying challenging behaviours. These strenghths-based, solution focused groups are designed to accommodate 4 to 6 participants so that each student receives a high level of attention and support. In the groups The Shack is presently facilitating themes include: 

· Learning to self-regulate 
· Building self-esteem and resilience 
· Protective behaviours 
· Managing bullying 

Groups are designed on a case-by-case basis to best meet the needs of your students 

Register your interest through our online form or call 02 9305 4600. 

Love Bites

Love Bites is an extremely successful school-based respectful relationships education program that focuses on the development of respectful relationships and violence prevention for 14 – 17 year olds.

It aims to break intergenerational cycles of domestic and family violence and the increasing rates of sexual assault, by supporting young people to develop respectful relationships. Young people develop the skills to identify what a safe, equal and healthy relationship is, develop respectful conflict resolution skills and problem-solving skills and find support services in their community if they need help. 

Led by The Deli Women and Children’s Centre, The Shack facilitates the Love Bites program at schools, alternative school programs, Juvenile Justice programs and other organisations as required. 

For further information or to organise a Love Bites program in your school please register your interest through our online form or call 02 9305 4600.