Term 4 - 2015

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Shack Tutoring
| Placement
In partnership with Arc, the University of New South Wales student organisation, Shack Tutoring matches local students with a volunteer tutor who will support and guide students during weekly sessions throughout the year. This program caters to student's educational needs and also provides a positive mentor and role model who is close in age and can share their positive experiences in tertiary education. Shack tutoring is open to all young people from Year 6 (who are transiting into high school) and also young people in high school needing additional support. 

All Shack Tutoring enquires can be emailed to:

Youth Support
| Monday - Friday | 9am - 4pm
Youth Support provides assistance to young people when they're at their most vulnerable. Youth Support and The Shack have partnered to ensure young people can receive the confidential one-on-one support at The Shack in a safe and supported environment.

Our case management service provides practical support and referrals to specialist services so we can assist young people overcome the challenges they're facing. Youth Support helps young people who experience family and relationship issues: to reengage in education or employment; with mental health or substance use concerns; during homelessness crises; with court and police support; and if they've been a victim of violence. 

Back on Track
| Monday and Wednesday | 6am - 9am
Back on Track is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) boot camp ran in partnership with the local PCYC, Maroubra Police, and Luis Reigis professional trainer and owner of the SRG Thai Boxing Gym in Alexandria.

Back on Track combines health, fitness and wellbeing into a program giving you access to elite trainers like Luis Reigis and Richie Vaculik. You'll learn techniques from a range of different disciplines of marital arts and have full access to a professional gym. This program includes a nutritional breakfast, showers and a drop off at school. 

Fit and Fun!
In partnership with Fitness First Maroubra, we are breaking down barriers for local young people in accessing their local gym free of charge.

Every Tuesday night up to 20 young people and 2 staff members participate in a 40 minute intensive circuit training class with a professional trainer.

Meet at the Shack from 3.30pm for a 4pm start at the gym.


Girls' Night In | Thursday | 3.30pm - 5pm | 8 week program
We meet every Thursday night at The Shack to share stories, discuss what matters, and support each other.

In Term 4 we'll be talking about personal safety and cyber safety. What is it? What does it mean to you? How do you get it and how do you keep it?

Red Cross will also be running its fabulous Save-a-Mate Program. Save-a-Mate promotes the health and wellbeing of young people by providing education, service and support on key current and emerging health issues, particularly those related to alcohol and other drug use and mental health. 

OZtag | Competition sport  
We play in the South East Senior Oztag summer competition every year; and we have a male and female team.

OZtag is a fast paced exciting sport that can be enjoyed by young people of all athletic abilities. Our OzTag team is all about sportsmanship, teamwork, healthy living and winning!