There are currently no job opportunities at The Shack.

The Shack is now part of The Benevolent Society and all job opportunities available can be found on the Benevolent Society career pages.

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Who is The Benevolent Society?

We’re Australia’s first charity. We’re a not-for-profit and non-religious organisation and we’ve helped people, families and communities achieve positive change since 1813.

Imagine, an Australia without free legal aid, where child labour is still widespread, where there is no old age pension and no specialist maternity care. You’ve just imagined an Australia without The Benevolent Society.

Our story is the story of the nurses, the social workers and the carers who supported people in times of need. It’s the story of the thousands of people who donated time and money to help us help others and the advocates who fought for so many things we take for granted today.

Right from the start, we’ve been there for anyone who needs us, at the heart of change.